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Major Arcana














Four of Pentacles

"Power and vitality - the ability to empower oneself and others. The gift of drawing to you the resources you need, combined with the ability to apply your full power in practical and tangible ways. You are fond of being in charge - you like power and will work very hard for money. You possess sound judgment in business matters and have well-rounded goals. You consolidate your power so that you act with assurance, but you must feel secure in your sense of worth - for only then do you have a sense of humor about yourself.

In response to the troubles you have experienced, you have turned your focus to giving yourself a protective layer against any economic problems that might arise in the future - excluding others through your need for personal security and literally blocking yourself from the world around you. No matter how self-centered you try to make yourself - you will remain vulnerable to life. Accept that this selfishness is necessary now, for it is giving you time to re-structure and give meaning to the chaos and material universe you have experienced through meditation. Follow your enthusiasm. Put your spirit into action - exercise and express your talents and dreams. The first step is always the hardest - seek within you the courage and strength to take it!"


Four of Swords

"Meditative composure, a well-centered mentality - a mental plateau. Mental stability, reliability - a centering of thoughts before going on, mental foundation. An introspective turn of the mind, but not in the sense of the Hermit. A break in the "affairs of the day" so that you may soon return refreshed and ready to "do battle" again. Here is the completion of mental projects - graduations/certifications. A laying of mental foundations. Introspection. Strong sense of identity, self-worth. Planning, fundamental understanding - rationality, practicality, facts, objectivity, order - a need for cleanliness, discipline, obedience, law, control, self-confidence and patience."


Five of Pentacles

"You are experiencing worry - concern about the external things involving communication, health, finances, creativity, work and relationships. Take time to review what is happening in your life and what you really want. You are allowing your heart to rule your thinking - your emotions are involved and you can not see just how good life can be. Challenges of deprivation, insecurity and exclusion allow you to experience the upset that occurs when every effort towards stability is denied and everything you want to hold on to is taken from you. They help you recognize the transitory nature of physical and material desires.

New opportunity awaits, new possibilities - a better way will now be presented. Recognize that strategic review, regrouping and realignment are all necessary steps of forward progress. Channel all your thoughts and energy into your spiritual development, for it is here you will find rest and relief. When your home, work or security is threatened - choose how to handle it. Work at your situation slowly and steadily, trying different things until you get a combination that holds together and despite the hardships, you will continue to progress towards your goal and your rewards will be as great as your belief in what you can achieve."


Five of Cups

"Disappointment is the result of emotional attachment to an expectation that has gone unfulfilled. The "negative" mind views this as a loss and the outcome is sadness and heartache, which takes a while to heal. You find it hard to explain the turmoil you feel inside, the lack of harmony. You never sufficiently appreciate something until you have lost it. Letting go of a person or a lifestyle takes time. You are experiencing grief and learning to transcend deep loss. When something you have put your heart and soul into has not worked out, you experience disappointment, loss of harmony and doubt in the very beliefs that have sustained you. Turning your grief inward is appropriate for a short time. Actual healing takes place when you throw off the sorrow, pick up the pieces and renew your interactions with loving friends."


Four of Cups

"If you wish to experience emotional fulfillment - re-evaluate things. You have become bored, you are in need of motivation. You are not making any effort because you have become dissatisfied with your achievements and the things of this world. Allow things take their natural course - trust in God to create the necessary changes and allow this situation to be, so that it can regenerate. Rest and meditate and you can receive insights and messages from your unconscious.

You are seeking a spiritual level of satisfaction. You feel weary and disgusted with your present circumstances. Your intuition has been halted by your lack of focus or sense of purpose and this indulgence in your emotions has led you to dissatisfaction and exhaustion. Go slowly now in any emotional matters - your apathy has resulted from a dull, unstimulating environment. You are bored only because your curiosity has not been piqued and your project has become meaningless to you."


Three of Pentacles

Three of Swords

Three of Cups

Two of Swords